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Submission for the 2020 Global Game

The year is 20202020. The fabulous club Tamaraland On the Moon has requested YOUR band, Hal and the Bahama Lonely Daves as both the opening and closing acts. After working at Beaverton Corner Stores for ten years, this is finally your big break.

After a long night of dancing and singing, you make your way to the space elevator. What a great gig! It was the bee’s knees. All you need now is a sweet dame and delicious Beaverton fudge!

That’s right! Delicious Beaverton fudge, available only at the Beaverton corner store, the best and only corner store in the state of Ala-Tex-Ico. Available now with extra walnuts and white chocolate. Remember, if it doesn’t say “Beaverton”, it ain’t fudge!

Anyway, back to our story. After sleeping for a couple of hours, you wake up to a loud thud. Holey Moley! Your elevator has collided with what the Ruskies call space debris! Good thing you brought your space suit, Hal! Time to strap that suit on and fix that elevator.  

Install instructions

Download and extract the zip file, run the .exe.  Built with Unity 2019.3, should run 16:9 Fullscreen or windowed. Please comment with any bugs!


TamraLandGGJ2020_JamBuild.zip 29 MB

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